Snapchat Advertising

What is Snapchat Advertising?

Snapchat advertising are short 10-second video ads that can be placed between "stories" or even in formats where the user can "swipe up" to explore your ad content even more or visit your campaign or website directly.  

Ads can be targeted to a pre chosen audience just like on many other platforms today.

Why work with Snapchat Advertising?

Do your current and potential audience spend time on Snapchat? If the answer is yes, Snapchat advertising can be a great social media tool for your business. With a well thought-out strategy, you can reach valuable audiences with accurate ads and push relevant traffic to your website. Stand out from the crowd by ensuring that your services and products are displayed properly, to the right audience, in the right place at the right time.  

How does Snapchat Advertising work?

Snapchat is one of our most popular social media in Sweden and is mainly used by the younger generation. More specifically, by people under the age of 35. In fact, advertising on Snapchat differs greatly from other advertising platforms in that it needs to be more authentic and unfiltered to reason with its target audience. Here you have to be playful, creative and engage your targeted group quickly with e.g. behind-the-scenes material, or create a sponsored filter for a specific event.

How do we work with Snapchat Advertising?

Our specialists support you where you need extra help, whether it's starting with Snapchat ads from scratch, or optimizing your current campaigns. We offer, among other things, help with analysis, strategy, content, optimization and evaluation.  

Each customer is unique and requires support based on your circumstances and goals. Together we’ll help you to improve your performance in line with your digital business goals. All advertising can easily be reviewed by yourselves and we strongly believe in a transparent collaboration!


Answer: The benefits of Snapchat advertising are that you can reach out to a lot of young people, while spending a lot of time on the platform and opening the app about 25 times a day.

Answer: What Snapchat advertising will cost you depends on your chosen audience and ad format. However, there is a minimum requirement of $5 per day if you choose to advertise. Sponsored posts cost at least $5 per day and are generally significantly cheaper compared to sponsored filters and sponsored lenses that can cost from $13 for a specific building or location while it can cost several hundred thousand or millions if you choose a larger area.

Answer: What generally works best is short and fun content that doesn't look "too professional" but also behind the scenes content. As usual, however, it depends entirely on your target audience and goal.

Answer: There are six different types; individual image and video ads, sponsored filters, sponsored lenses, event ads, product ads and last but not least commercials.

Answer: What fun! Please email and we'll work out a quote tailored to your budget and needs.

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