What is an SEO-dashboard?

An SEO-dashboard is a transparent report that shows how your web page performs based on carefully selected measurement points and key performance indicators. Our SEO dashboard is created in Google DataStudio and specifically designed to give you a clear picture of how your site performs in the organic search.  

Why do I need an SEO-dashboard?

With an SEO dashboard, you can continuously monitor your work with search engine optimization. The report is a perfect tool for evaluating your work over time without having to make new reports. With a dashboard, you can easily track progress by only changing date ranges. You can also add other convenient data filters if desired. The dashboard can also be easily shared with others via link if several want to look in it at the same time, individually or during a sitting meeting. Similarly, you can export the dashboard as PDF with the selected view.

What's included in Anegy's SEO-dashboard?

Whether you want an SEO dashboard for one domain or more, our SEO specialists and analysts will help you with that.

Ranking monitoring
We connect your ranking tool to the dashboard for the ability to follow the development of rankings on priority keywords.  

Do you lack a ranking tool?
There are several affordable options on the market. We help you with set and getting started – regardless of tools.

Web traffic over time
We compare how your organic traffic performs against other channels. And what the distribution looks like between different units.  

Clicks and impressions
We'll introduce which keywords drive traffic (clicks) to your website, as well as which keywords have the potential to drive more.  
Link profile
Compilation of, among other things, the commission's work on the environment and the environment, links and referring domains.  
Do you lack tools for monitoring inlinks?
This type of tool can be expensive. Our dashboard includes a manual compilation of inlink data. However, if you wish to continuously update the data on links, this can be arranged at a smaller running cost.
Optimization actions on your website
Information about possible metadata, headers, broken landing pages (404), and images that need to be optimized.  
PS! This information needs to be added manually every month.


Answer: An SEO-dashboard for a domain costs between SEK 8,000-10,000. The price may vary depending on the tools to be connected to the dashboard, as well as what needs or wishes to be customized.

Answer: Yes, it is possible to connect your Google Analytics account with your SEO-dashboard. As soon as we have access to your account, we'll handle the connection.

Answer: Yes, it is possible to connect your Adobe Analytics account with your SEO-dashboard. As soon as we have access to your account, we'll handle the connection.

Answer: You always own your SEO-dashboard. Even if we help you create it, you're always the owner and the report is saved on your Google Account. Anegy always works to be as transparent as possible.

Answer: I'm glad you're interested in visualizing your SEO data in a more efficient way! Please get in touch at and we'll put together an SEO dashboard quote based on your needs.

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