Keyword analysis

What is Keyword Analytics?

Keyword analysis is a way to find relevant keywords that a web page should optimize against and thus have the opportunity to rank on. The analysis is based on keywords related to the company's offering and what the market is looking for – and therefore has a significant search volume. A keyword analysis forms the basis for which keywords a company should focus on and indicates what your company can expect to generate in terms of traffic based on search volume and competition on each keyword.  

Why do Keyword Analysis be done?

By knowing what your potential customers are looking for on search engines and what their intent with the search is, you can more easily customize the existing content on the site and create new content to fill any gaps. In other words, it's not just about finding keywords that match one's products or services, but finding keywords that have the potential to drive qualitative and converting traffic to your web page. By analyzing search data and compiling a keyword analysis, companies can systematically embrace an outside-in mindset and offer potential customers the information they're looking for — instead of taking a chance on a word that you think other people are googling for to find your way to your web page.  

How do we do Keyword Analytics?

Our SEO team are experts in keyword analytics and can help you with everything from the pre-work to identify potential keywords that are relevant to your business. By analyzing your offer, direct competitors and indirect competitors in the search results, we create an overall analysis and compilation of the keywords with the most potential that your business should focus on. From broad keywords with high search volume and higher competition to longer phrases and narrow topics with lower competition.  

Keyword analysis can also be complemented by a content plan, with suggestions for existing content that you should adjust or new content you should produce to rank on priority keywords. Similarly, we can help you with SEO copywriting,that is, to create search engine optimized texts from scratch.

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