Marketing automation

What is Marketing automation?

Marketing automation is exactly what it sounds like, automated marketing. With the right technology, you can send automated messages and targeted marketing based on your customers' or a leads behavior online. Marketing automation helps you as a marketer to send relevant content to the right person at the right time.  

Why work with Marketing automation?

Being relevant has never been more important. It's an art to send the right message to the right recipient in the right channel at the right time. Each recipient is unique and has individual needs, making it ineffective to send a message to the masses. Marketing automation help companies create accurate communication just when the customer wants it – which is also reflected in the results!  

How Does Marketing automation Work?

Working with marketing automation requires a tool or system that helps you collect data and send out the content. With the right system, you can collect all relevant information from your leads and customers and then create tailored audiences, segments and flows. Then you can send out personalized content in the form of emails, messenger messages and sms to name just a few.

How do we work with Marketing automation?

We have experts with experience from different industries, systems and channels. We tailor based on your wishes – everything from choosing the right marketing automation system to ongoing work and optimization. We help you move from traditional marketing to event-driven marketing, and communicate on the recipient's terms based on where in the customer journey they are. Let us, the data and systems do the work while you focus on other things!

Among other things, we can help you with:

  • Current status analysis
  • Channel recommendation
  • Requirements and system comparison
  • System recommendation
  • Data analysis
  • Data dress-up
  • Internal competence boost on marketing automation
  • Create or optimize customer flows
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Create mailings in different channels
  • Continuous optimization
  • Reporting and follow-up

Note! Marketing automation requires data and a marketing automation system.


Answer: A marketing automation system is a tool that allows you to automate mailings or messages to your recipients based on their behavior or position in the customer journey. It can be simpler email systems or more comprehensive MA systems.

Answer: Always. Marketing automation is an incredibly powerful way of working to act on data and tailor customer experiences, which can be done on both small and large scale. From sending a well-composed reminder email if someone left a shopping cart without completing a purchase, to creating carefully crafted flows in several steps. We are confident that your business would benefit from marketing automation. Contact us to know more!

Answer: Many people may find it a bit difficult to get started with marketing automation, from choosing systems to setting up feeds and maintaining all lists. By working with an agency that has many years of experience and the advantage of working with different accounts, you can feel confident that everything is done in the best possible way and that all best practice is proven and up to date.

Answer: What fun! Please email and we'll work out a quote tailored to your budget and needs.

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