Digital analysis

What is Digital analytics?

Digital analytics, or web analytics as it’s also called, is basically an analysis of your digital channels and your own website. A digital analyst works with everything from setting up measurement on a website or app, to campaign analysis, conversion optimization. reporting and data visualization. Digital analysis is thus very broad and includes many different specialist roles in the industry.  

Why work with Digital analysis?

Working with digital analytics is to work smarter with your digital channels. A digital analyst helps you ensure accurate measurement and data retrieval, evaluate the data you collect, and turn it into insights so you can make data-driven decisions. Digital analytics helps you better understand your visitors and their behaviors, so you can then optimize your digital efforts with improved results.   

How does Digital analytics work?

Digital analysis is based on data collection and storage. For this there are different systems and services. For web data, the most common are Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, or Adobe Analytics and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management. Tagging services allows you to control what data is collected, and then choose which platforms to share with and save the data. In other words, you can choose to share visitor data on your website, for example, with Facebook to your campaigns.  

For the visualization of data and set of dashboards, there are several popular services, such as Google Data Studio, Klipfolio and Tableau. Then you connect your data source with direct connection or through third-party tools such as Supermetrics.  

How do we work with Digital analysis?

Our digital analysts support you where you need reinforcement in your digital analysis. From the implementation of tracking so you can follow up on the performance of your digital campaigns, to help make data available to embrace a more data-driven approach in your organization. Based on your data, we help you to flesh out measures for easier decision-making.  

The needs are varied, and our skill-bank as well. We’ll help you with digital analysis where you need support, from point effort to ongoing analysis with, among other things:  

  • Digital audit, current mode analysis of your media
  • Evaluate current measurement
  • Set goals and KPIs for your digital media
  • Implement analysis systems (such as GTM, GA, Hotjar, Fullstory)
  • Set up measurement plan and implement or demand tracking
  • Education and training in digital analysis
  • Conversion optimization and A/B testing
  • Audience and behavioural analysis
  • Analysis of flows and customer travel
  • Performance analysis, UX testing, and bug testing
  • Demands against third parties
  • Ongoing analysis and support


Answer: The cost of digital analysis varies of course depending on what help you need. For implementation of tracking, we normally talk about at least 10 hours and a cost from about 13 000 SEK. Instead, if you need help developing a dashboard, the cost varies based on the scope and how many data sources you want it to include. Here, we usually expect at least 10 hours. Of course, you can also hire us for smaller assignments or help with ongoing analysis or conversion optimization. Keep in mind that working with A/B testing is a prerequisite for getting enough traffic. Get in touch and we'll give you an estimate cost of your project!

Answer: The first thing to start with is to review the collection and storage of data. Already here you can enlist the help of a consultant. If you don't have analysis systems implemented for your website, this is step one. For example, You can implement Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager (which is best practice). If you already have analysis and tracking systems in place, you need to ensure that you receive accurate data (e.g. filter out internal traffic and bot traffic, review traffic sources, current events, etc.). Next step, is that you can start fine-tuning by, for example, reviewing conversion tracking and setting goals and tailored reports. You can also implement additional analysis systems such as Hotjar for in-depth behavioral analysis with heatmaps and recordings.

Answer: The most important thing for us in our assignments is that the customer should own the data and thus also become independent. Also, taking help with digital analysis does not mean building a tied consultancy commitment. On the contrary, we have carried out several projects where we educate the customer, demand against other parties and help the customer to take ownership of their digital analysis. We always work transparently and service-oriented to help you in the best possible way. What is the alternative? Take home the knowledge and business through internal training or recruitment of digital analyst or specialist with analytical expertise.

What is the alternative? Take home the knowledge and business through internal training or recruitment of digital analyst or specialist with analytical expertise.

A: That's funny, it sounds like a smart move! Please feel free to email, and we'll have a further dialogue on how we can help you.

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