Are programmatic purchases always the best option?

Media investment in programmatic trading is increasing every year, reaching €8 billion in Europe in 2016, which was as much money as it spent on traditional media purchases (direct purchases through a seller from a publisher) during the same period. But despite its growing popularity, one should still ask the question: Is programmatic advertising always the best option?

To answer this question, you need to know both the opportunities and challenges of programmatic advertising. Certainly, the possibilities of programmatic advertising are said to be endless, as an advertiser you can, among other things, get more control over their advertising, be able to be more flexible in their advertising, be able to have more effective campaign reporting and be able to advertise against their specific target group regardless of which sites they visit.

Despite its advantages, there is also a downside that advertisers need to be aware of: wherein the entire programmatic ecosystem does media investment end up? How can you be sure that your ads don't show up in less pleasant contexts? Is it the same skills needed to make traditional media purchases as programmatic purchases?

You're not alone, it's a real programmatic jungle out there, and the more knowledge you have, the higher the likelihood that you can make the most effective decisions possible.

How can I learn more about programmatic purchases?

We at Anegy hold a series of breakfast seminars every year called Anegy Breakfast Club. Ideal for those who want to learn more about programmatic advertising. Keep an eye out on our event calendar to see when the next seminar is!   

Programmatic advertising concerns topics such as:  

  • Who are the partners in the programmatic ecosystem?
  • What are the possibilities of programmatic advertising?
  • What are the challenges of programmatic advertising? And what can we do to remedy these challenges?
  • Finally, to answer the question: "Is programmatic advertising always the best option?"

The breakfast seminar is aimed at those who are both new to programmatic advertising but may not have started programmatic purchases at their workplace, as well as to those who have experience in programmatic advertising but want to refresh their knowledge and gain a better understanding of both the opportunities and challenges that programmatic purchases facilitate.  

Sign up for the Anegy Breakfast Club to secure your seat for the next seminar. Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, you´re more than welcome to contact us at Anegy. 

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