Now you can choose your monthly budget in Google Ads

Everyone who works with Google Ads has probably at some point experienced some kind of "problem" with the fact that it is only possible to set budgets per day...

If nothing else, it requires taking height for the fact that there are different number of days a month if you work with a very tight budget.

It didn't make things any easier when Google a few years ago changed its policy that allowed them to spend up to double the budget per day instead of the previous 20%.

But now things seem to be happening!

We work daily with several Google Ads customers. Last week, when one of our experts was about to log into a specific customer account, he discovered a new drop down menu. There, he was allowed to set budgets per month on customer campaigns. Exciting!

google ads monthly budget

Is the function here to stay?

At the time of writing, Google has not issued an official statement about the new feature, and it is far from all of our customers' accounts that have the option to choose a monthly budget. There is therefore a risk that this may only be a google test that may be withdrawn in the near future.

Let's all hope that the monthly budget in Google Ads is here to stay!

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